Our Staff Team

Our Team at Cawdor Primary School

Head TeacherJames Cook
Principal TeacherJulia Jerrett
Primary 1Laura Mitchell
Primary 2/3Kathleen Navarro de Paz
Primary 3/4Sharleen Foxcroft
Primary 4/5Karen Scally
Primary 5/6Emma McCall
Primary 7Diane Macleod
Additional Support NeedsPauline Randell (Monday and Thursday)
CCR/ Management coverRachael MacKenzie (Thursday and Friday)
ASG teacherJoanne Harper (Tuesday and Thursday)
Early Years Practitioners (EYPs)Adele Mackenzie (Maternity leave)
Caroline Docherty
Donna Martin
Gizelle Souter (Support Worker)
Mairi Buxton  
Stacey Glass (Thursday and Friday)
ClericalShona Snitch
Pupil Support AssistantsCorrina Moore
Gizelle Souter
Irene Macarthur                                           
Jayne Babey                                    
Joy Barton                                                                
Rosie Cowie                                    
Sheena Taylor  
Facility Management Assistant (MEARS)Rhona Forsyth
CateringCharlene Morrison
Geri McNab
Peter Walker
Cleaning (MEARS)Gabi Polata
Matthew Fraser